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My Works

Searching For Home

"Reading Laurelynn Martin's account of her near-death experience and changed life can change yours...She tells a humdinger of a story...It deserves to become a classic." Kenneth Ring, author of Life at Death and Heading Toward Omega.

This review holds Laurelynn Martin and "Searching for Home" in the highest esteem. Not only did Laurelynn write the wonderful, can’t-put-it-down account of her experience, she taught this reviewer a basic truth that is now part of my being. It is that "healing comes from within" and "home" is not a place to go to, but an idea to be lived every moment of every day."
Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews.

Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere
By Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin
Orange kumquats drip from a tabletop tree. Ripe bananas wait to be picked for breakfast. Red coffee beans hold on to their stem until plucked for roasting. Growing tropical fruit trees in a pot, no matter where you live, gives both ornamental beauty and food for nourishment.
Culturing the food that we eat not only gives us a healthier lifestyle but also allows the natural order of plants to become ever present in our lives. We hope our latest book, Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere , enables you to enjoy a taste of the tropics without leaving the comfort of your own home. We have chosen plants that are able to grow in containers inside in the winter and outside in the summer. Of course, if you’re a southern grower, you already have the pleasure of growing fruit year-round.
Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a first time grower, we have included easy-to-follow instructions on how to grow, harvest and care for your tropical fruit trees in small pots. We have a special section on plant care specific to tropical fruits. And, we’ve taken it a step further by including some of our favorite recipes and other interesting facts, like how to cure an olive, or roast your own coffee beans. We’ve even included our famous Logee Meyer Lemonade with a twist of Kaffir Lime.
We hope this book will inspire you with the joy and wonderment of growing tropical fruiting plants.
Full-color photographs throughout. 160 pages; 9 ½ X 9 ½. Paperback.
XXXXXX $18.95

Logee's Greenhouses Spectacular Container Plants

Co-authors and third generation owners of Logee's Greenhouses, Laurelynn G. Martin and Byron E. Martin share their 110-year old family secrets on how to grow exotic plants.

"Logee's Greenhouses and this book are a must for anyone who is horticulturally minded..."Tasha Tudor, author and gardener.

Book Review

Review for Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Booklist,
which is the largest trade publication to booksellers and the library market.
Perhaps it starts with an avocado pit precariously suspended on toothpicks in a water glass, or maybe an island vacation instilled a fondness for fresh-picked papaya. Whatever the source of inspiration, the reality of successfully propagating and growing tropical plants is something most gardeners never get to experience, yet a wide variety of both familiar and exotic plants can be grown inside the home with very little effort. Whether intrigued by the culinary possibilities of using one’s own lemons or olives, or attracted to the ornamental attributes of a fragrant or vibrant blossom, tropical plants offer a wealth of edible and decorative possibilities. From the Australian Finger Lime to the Tahitian Orange, Kumquat to the Sunquat, each plant’s cultural requirements are provided in pithy descriptions that include recipes. Fun facts, handy tips, and eye-popping color illustrations and photographs round out a comprehensive yet accessible guide that will fascinate and inspire both beginning and established gardeners.
— Carol Haggas

"My newest book find is a treasure (Spectacular Container Plants)...What I love about the book, besides the stunning photographs, is that the Martins don't romanticize the information. If a plant is highly susceptible to white fly or root disease, they say so, and explain how to handle such problems." Marg Hols, St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist.

Indoor Flower Power

A great article to view the many choices we have for spectacular plants that bloom during the holidays. Fragrant and beautiful specimens are pictured. They delight the senses and go beyond the poinsettia.