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Exciting News!

New Logee's Book Growing Tasty Tropical Plants
Tasty Tropicals has been chosen as a Top 10 Crafts and Gardening book for 2010!

Past Lectures and Booksignings


Feb 2, Wednesday, 5-7pm- New England Grows Show- Author Reception from 5-7 pm Storey Publishers. Byron and Laurelynn Martin


Feb. 25, Friday, 2:00pm- Rhode Island Flower Show- Lecture/Signing-Growing Tasty Tropical Plants lecture- Byron Martin


March 12, Saturday, Philadelphia Flower Show- Lecture/Signing-Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in any home anywhere including Paris- Easy to grow fruiting plants that add culinary delight to any gardener's pallette.- Byron and Laurelynn Martin


March 16, Wednesday, 3:30pm- Boston Flower Show-Lecture/Signing- Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in any home, anywhere. Byron and Laurelynn Martin.


To book your lecture/booksigning email me or call Logee's Greenhouses Toll Free 1-888-330-8038