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Welcome Books For The Soul!

Searching For Home

"Searching for Home" is a powerful story of a young woman’s love, hope and healing after a near-death experience. Martin’s personal account begins at the height of a promising tennis career when she has a routine surgical procedure that goes awry. Clinically dead, Martin is catastrophically sent on a voyage to the Light. She describes her near-death experience as being Home – Home in the Light! Upon her reluctant return from the "other side," Martin becomes a chronic pain patient, relentlessly looking for that place called "home." And thus beings her journey - Searching for Home.

"surpassingly rich in spiritual insights...tells a humdinger of a story." Dr. Kenneth Ring, author

Edible Houseplants

"Because of the Martins, I now grow my own oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, carambolas, coffee beans, calamondins, papayas, vanilla, passion fruit, figs and guavas. I rely on them for advice about the care of these extraordinary plants." - Martha Stewart


• "This is an extraordinarily helpful guide for indoor plant enthusiasts of all levels. Highly recommended."
— Anitra Gates, Library Journal


• "This guide to container gardening teaches readers how to grow an array of foods inside their own homes... With illustrations and close-up photographs of plants along with a list of growing conditions, care, and potential problems for each plant, this book is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced gardeners looking to know more."
— Nataya Culler, Booklist

Growing Tasty Tropical Plants
in any home, anywhere

Independent Publisher Book Award Winner

What Martha Stewart says about Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere “Imagine growing pineapple, cocoa beans, and olives right at home, it’s easier than you think. There’s a whole world of very interesting and exciting plants and you’ll find them all in a wonderful new book by Byron and Laurelynn Martin.”
See the TV clip at http://www.marthastewart.com/article/edible-tropical-plants

"A must-have resource for anyone interested in growing edible tropical plants. This straightforward, easy- to- use book provides all the information needed for the home gardener to be successful growing a tantalizing array of tasty exotics."
— Sean Conway, author of Cultivating Life and host of WGN-TV's "Cultivating Life"

Logee's Greenhouses Spectacular Container Plants