Laurelynn Martin

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Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.
author of "Life at Death" and "Heading Toward Omega"

"Reading Laurelynn Martin’s account of her near-death experience and changed life can change yours. Many books have been written about such encounters but this is surpassingly rich in the spiritual insights it offers. More, it tells a humdinger of a story – surely one of the most inspirational journeys of transformation and healing I have yet come across. It deserves to become a classic."

Susie Mantell
Author: "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace"

"An extraordinary opportunity to see beyond – Empowering… enlightening… Encouraging! Martin shares her remarkable journey into death – and healing back into life – with uncommon humility, clarity, and gifts sure to enrich the lives of readers everywhere!"

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

"Every day, it seems, there is a story in the newspaper or on television about someone’s near-death experience. The frequency of these occurrences as well as the poignancy of the stories leave no doubt in this reviewer’s mind about the veracity of "coming back".
"Searching for Home" author Laurelynn Martin’s own near-death experience story adds new dimension to these occurrences by not only describing her voyage to the beyond, but her return "home" to a life of chronic pain. She attributes her healing to modern "conventional" medicine and alternative medicine, faith healing, guidance from her spirit guides and finding love at the soul level.

"Searching for Home" is an inspirational work that shares the truths and discoveries Laurelynn found during her long and arduous journey…a journey that began with her almost mortal accident and clinical death in surgery…a twelve year journey about soul searching, finding her life’s purpose, healing and fear of life itself.

This review holds Laurelynn Martin and "searching for Home" in the highest esteem. Not only did Laurelynn write the wonderful, can’t-put-it-down account of her experience, she taught this reviewer a basic truth that is now part of my being. It is that "healing comes from within and ‘home’ is not a place to go to, but an idea to be lived every moment of every day."

"Searching for Home" is one of those very rare one-of-a-kind books that gives the reader a renewed sense of values and purpose…and appreciation of the mission we all have. Laurelynn Martin has given us something truly special…from her heart and her soul!"

Bruce Greyson, M.D.
University of Virginia,
Editor of The Journal of Near-Death Studies"

"Searching for Home" is an inspirational tale of Laurelynn Martin’s quest to recapture here the love she experienced during her NDE. This heartfelt story illustrates the truth that the conscious process of living, rather than its outcome, is what enables us to experience a reflection of the Light here on earth."

Gregory Smiley

"I greatly enjoyed reading "Searching for Home". You have lived a wonderful life – if not always the wonderful-ness of such nice and joyous events, then the wonder of being able to caress an otherness that you could actually feel. You have seen things, have touched things. I felt happy when I finished reading. It was a good thing. It works. Your writing is clear, and simple, and beautiful."

Maureen Clinton
Mental Health Counselor

"When I got home - as tired as i was - I thought I would just look at the first page of your book and quickly found that I couldn't put it down! It is excellent!"

Searching For Home

"Searching for Home" is a powerful story of a young woman’s love, hope and healing after a near-death experience. Martin’s personal account begins at the height of a promising tennis career when she has a routine surgical procedure that goes awry. Clinically dead, Martin is catastrophically sent on a voyage to the Light. She describes her near-death experience as being Home – Home in the Light! Upon her reluctant return from the "other side," Martin becomes a chronic pain patient, relentlessly looking for that place called "home." And thus beings her journey - Searching for Home.

"Upon awakening in the Intensive Care Unit, Laurelynn heard a doctor proclaim, ‘I snatched you from the jaws of death. Your chances of living were slim to none.’ Surviving by artificial, mechanical means, Laurelynn could not speak to refute the doctor’s claim. She wanted to tell him that she had not been near-death but near-life. That she had been home – Home in the Light.

The doctor continued to explain the gravity of her medical situation. ‘The abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, and right iliac artery were punctured. Your bowels and spine were also hit. You had no blood pressure or heart beat. You’re not out of the woods yet, so I need you to keep breathing…’"

Excerpt from Searching For Home

From Chapter 2:

"She helped me slide onto the operating table and gave me a motherly look. "Don't worry. We know it's your first time. We'll make this a most pleasant experience for you." With those reassuring words, I drifted off to sleep. I awakened and found myself floating above my body, off to the right side, looking down, watching the attempts of the medical team trying to revive the lifeless form below. I viewed the scene with detachment. The surgical team was frantic. The color red was everywhere, splattered on their gowns, splattered on the floor, and a bright pool of a flowing red substance, in the now wide-open abdominal cavity. At the moment, I didn't make the connection, that the body being worked on was my own! It didn't matter anyway. I was in a state of floating freedom, experiencing no pain... I had traveled to another realm of total and absolute peace."

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